Volunteering isn’t what we want from you, it’s what we want for you. It’s not what you have to do but what you get to do. It’s simple. If you have an interest and a passion, we will help you find your ideal place.


  • You have the opportunity to impact the first moment that people experience as soon as they enter the parking lot, by providing an exciting, welcoming experience as you assist and direct traffic. Our expectations are that you are full of excitement and enthusiasm, no matter what the weather is or how you feel.

  • The Greeters create a welcoming family atmosphere for everyone who comes to Victory Family Church. The Greeter Team welcomes every person who comes to Victory Family Church by opening doors, acknowledging each guest at every entrance, and directs them to various areas throughout the campus.

  • Have you ever entered into a building and didn’t know where to go? Ushers eliminate the uneasiness by welcoming guests and cheerfully helping them to their seats, while making them feel comfortable. Ushers also receive the offering and assist guests with other needs they may have.

  • Supports the administrative functions of the church. There are many tasks and activities that need to happen to ensure the church runs smoothly day-to-day, as well as to ensure awesome worship experiences. Our office/admin volunteers will support these background tasks to help us in our mission to bring people one step closer to Jesus.

  • Supports the church building and grounds, setup and tear down for church and other activities, and other special projects as needed. Includes: cleaning and prepping the building & grounds, maintaining facilities during/after each worship experience, deep cleaning, laundry, construction, flower beds/pots, and managing inventory.

  • The Tech Team assists everyone in focusing on their own responsibilities, whether it is the preachers preaching, the worship team worshipping, or people expressing a message through creative elements. The Tech Team does this by leveraging technology to create a great experience. Available positions are: Sound Engineer, Camera Operator, Video Director/Switcher, Graphics Controller, Lighting Operator, and Production Assistant.

  • Creatively support Pastor Adam and the Worship team in creating an impactful experience through the creation of videos, design elements, and various creative tasks. Do you like shiny buttons and flashing lights? Do you enjoy having control of the TV remote? We need you on the Media Team! You will set the tone of the Worship Experience with audio, lights, video, and other forms of media. Media team members will be responsible for: creating graphics for a sermon series, building stage props, assisting in the production of videos, etc.

  • Have you ever needed a question answered but no one was there to answer it? In order to alleviate those frustrating moments, we have developed an important team to work at our Information Kiosk and Check-In Station that assists our guests by answering questions and giving our pertinent information. The Information/Check-In team answers questions, connects with first-time guests and visitors, and assists guests before and after the worship experiences.

  • As a member of The Kitchen, you have privilege of serving people beverages and other snacks. Additionally, The Kitchen volunteers are responsible for managing cash registers and selling merchandise and resource materials. We believe that if we treat people like family, they are more open to coming back. We put a lot of Jesus in every cup we serve.

  • It is amazing to be allowed to lead your church family into the presence of God! If you enjoy this too, come sure your vocal and instrumental talents with us. The Worship Team leads the congregation in preparing their hearts to hear The Word. They do this by providing vocal and instrumental selections designed to bring attendees one step closer to Jesus.

  • Do you have a desire to work with and encourage people in their time of need? Are you comfortable with praying for people you may not know? Our prayer team believes in the impossible, with faith that God can do all things through prayer. The Prayer Team is an extremely important part of our worship experiences and disciple follow up. The primary job of the Prayer Team is to pray for individuals in their time of need, encourage them, and follow up with them. We expect Prayer Team members to seek to hear the voice of God and to pray for our church family and staff.

  • Do you enjoy teaching, training and nurturing the youngest member or our church? As part of VFKids Team, you will impact the lives of many with the love Christ from birth to kindergarten. We provide a high-energy environment of worship and Bible-based lessons that form a foundation for kids that will not be shaken. Volunteers help with many tasks:

    • Check In
    • Team Leads
    • Lead Teachers
    • Assistant Teachers
    • Bathroom Helpers
    • Door Greeters

    Please note: Class sizes and ratios vary based on age.

  • This team leads children into a real relationship with Jesus through bible stories, worship, prayer, hands-on activities, and personal interaction. We provide a high energy environment of worship and Bible-based lessons that help the kids form a foundation that will not be easily shaken. We provide the materials needed for a different lesson each week.

    Ratio: 1 volunteer to every 8-10 kids.

  • Are you passionate about seeing the next generation fall in love with Christ? As part of the Youth Team, you will invest in the lives of students from grades 6th-12th through Worship Experiences, Small Groups, and events. The Block Adult Leaders maintain order and provide leadership for The Block worship services. They mentor students, serve as prayer partners, ensure that Student Leaders are on task, and help setup/tear down The Block activities as needed.

  • The Block Creative Team enhances the Wednesday night worship experience by creating an atmosphere conducive to bringing the students one step closer to Jesus through the excellence of presentation in lights, graphics, sound, stage hands, and other creative elements. 

  • We need people to be energetic and awake during The Block service! As a volunteer for The Block – The Kitchen, students have the privilege of serving beverages and snacks to The Block students, as well as small group participants and others in the church. Students manage the register and sell resource materials and other merchandise. They create an “at home” atmosphere in The Kitchen area.

  •  The Block Worship Team leads the Wednesday night services for youth. This team offers a venue for students to praise God. They do this by providing vocal and instrumental musical selections designed to bring students one step closer to Jesus.